This blog is designed to help us keep a journal of our falconry events. Gun is a Tercel Anatum Peregrine Falcon which is being trained by Dal McBride and was bred by Eric Steinhauer. These birds of prey are the fastest living things and can reach speeds of up to somewhere between 200 and 300 mph.

Check out the sequential images, videos, friends, and other bird pic pages located to the right side of the screen. I will be sure to keep these pictures and videos coming! (All images © Darvil B. McBride)


Each image is a link to the video. Click on a picture and enjoy!

21) Peach gets a Bufflehead

20) Peach gets Wigeon

19) Peach attacked by Redtail Hawk

18) Pigeon Narrowly Escapes

17) Peach Owns Gadwall

16) Slow Motion Binding to Shoveler

15) Peach Decapitates Duck

14) Falcon Attacks Dog

13) Falcon Does Not Share With Dog

12) Homing Pigeon Narrowly Escapes

11) Gun KOs Pigeon the Scout Cleans Up

10) Dog Loves Hunting With the Falcon

9) Falcon Hunt, then Cute Kid Blowing the Feathers

8) Dog and Falcon Vs. California Quail

7) Awesome foot chase

6) Gun steals pigeon from dog's mouth

5) Gun terrorizes a pideon

4) Gun destroys a pigeon.

3) Gun dives into a bush after his prey.

2) Gun grabs pheasant out of the air. His first pheasant.

1) Gun and Scout (the dog) on a quail. Gun hits quail, dog grabs it,
Gun steals quail from dog.